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Time Soldiers

1989 Alpha Denshi Co., LTD (SNK)

Sega Master System


Top down, Ikari Warriors style arcade shooter. The plot involves you as a member of some kind of inter-time warrior organization out to rescue various comrades who have been captured during different time periods. You do this by going back and killing everything that moves. Who gives a damn about the space time continuum anyway.

The premise for the game is actually pretty good really, although the execution leaves a bit to be desired. First off everything in the game shoots at you, be it a caveman with a rock, a pterosaur, a Roman legionnaire with a sword, etc. You would think that the guy with the spear would throw the spear or the caveman would chuck the rock, i.e. each enemy would attack in a way that was appropriate. Nope. They all fire the same little generic "bullet." Kid of destroys the illusion fellas.

Life must have been hard in every time period, because no matter where you go everything instantly wants to kill you. You either really pissed off the entire world or everything living thing through the history of time is under some evil mastermind's control, down to the birds and animals. Speaking of which I can see that a soldier with a gun would shoot at me, but for some reason the birds and other animals like dinosaurs also shoot at me. Doesn't really make sense.

Besides these weird choices for enemy attacks and strange hostility of otherwise indifferent animal species, the game isn't too bad. It is a tad easy - most enemies in the earlier levels follow extremely simple patters that can easily be avoided with a light flexing of reflexes, most of the bosses are nothing special, in fact they're downright boring at times (the military level features guys in a jeep. Wow, that's imaginative.) Each level features several bosses, and the last of them of each level are pretty impressive. Also you can tell it's a quarter muncher at heart - bosses are extremely simple, yet take twenty thousand hits to destroy. Thankfully unlimited continues means you'll be able to get to the last level where the continues disappear, if you care by that point that is.

Not a bad game by any means, however there really isn't much happening to distinguish Time Soldiers from the ten thousand other top down shooters out there.

Graphics: Meh, they're average. Decent amounts of animation, well defined sprites, everything looks a bit cartoonish in a sort of non-threatening way. But for the most part they're adequate.

Sound: Zaps and bangs, not much in the way of voice or digitized effects.

Gameplay: Dodge ten thousand little bullets and shoot everything that moves, which is a lot more fun actually than this review makes it sound.

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