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Super UFO LP 6000


Another "UFO" style famicom clone. I suppose the advantage here is that after playing Super Mario Brothers for the umpteenth billion time you could slog your fat ass outside and get some physical excercise in a game of Frisbee with your UFO famiclone. Else you could chop a CD into razor sharp blades, superglue them to the sides, and go outside and hunt vampires with your decapitating throwing disc of Famiclone death. Clone itself looks interesting, I like the balck and yellow color scheme. Some clones like this have little LEDs in the red ring there that light up to the music/sound effects, but I don't think this one does (hard to tell from the picture.) Made in China, land of the rip-offs, and sold in Europe, land of the hot chicks with hairy legs.


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Super UFO LP 6000