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THE RANT: So I've seen these things all over E-Bay but have resisted buying one until one day I'm at a swamp meet and I find one for $20. Being the cheap monkey that I am I try to talk the guy down to $15. He says no way. I look all around the entire swamp meet to no avail, so I finally break down and buy it.

It looked really cheap and I half expected it to break the same day ala the Protech machine (which the main unit here uncannily resembles.) But to my surprise this machine is very well put together and performs a lot better than most of the Famiclones I've tried out. Thanks to this machine I finally know what the 3rd button on the controller does, (the two green ones on the main N64-like unit,) they are the Start and Select buttons! DO'H! You may be saying "Hey Mark, we knew that all along, in fact anyone with a brain could figure that out," to which I would reply for you to kiss a very hairy part of my rear end anatomy. But I'm not about to go through all 300+ pages of Famiclones and update that. I am far too lazy.

Anyway, the green buttons are start and select, the yellow are A and B (the upper ones of course being turbo buttons,) and the red one in the middle is Restart. The "Analog stick" is just a plastic protrusion that does nothing. Famicom carts fit into the back of the N64 controller behind the pistol grips, and the second controller and gun plug into it at the top next to the AV cable. Came with a 76-in-one cart that actually had 76 unique games in it (not 76 variations of the same game as these things tend to do.) I also rummaged through a box and scored a pirate cart called "Master Fighter III" which is a pretty good Hong Kong Original Street Fighter II translation. Eventually after I get all 1000 console pages up I might put up some screenshots of various games if I have any space left on the server (which is unlikely that I'll ever 'finish' the site, but a man can dream.) Not a bad machine.

THE GOOD: Pretty decent clone, very compact. The controls respond very well (a lot better than the Protech machine.) I had it working with NES carts via a converter (the same one that came with the Game Axe if anyone is keeping track. That particular converter sucks, but it worked as long as you didn't jiggle it.) A very nice package for only $20.

THE BAD: The carts fit a little loosely, and since it's behind the pistol grips sometimes your fingers get in the way and might jostle the cartridge, which might make it lose contact.

THE UGLY: That gun will get you shot by a drug dealer. At least it has the little red thing on the tip.

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