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More shamless whoring exploitation of Nintendo's favorite demon spawned Pokemon franchise with this console, and God bless them. Pokemon needs to die, and thank the almighty the pirates have taken up the fight. Let's pray to God right now:

"Dear God, thank you for destroying Pokemon, becasue we know it is a devilish plot of he who blows ass in the firey pit to enslave the minds of good Christain children. Thank you for sending your rightous army of greedy Asian console pirates to exploit Pokemon and fuck it up until the franchise is totally overplayed and destroyed once and for all. We know that the only reason to catch them all is so that you can kill them slowly with a pnuematic farm impliment, and we are pleased to see you're making it happen. By the way, please let me win the lottery next week so I may continue to do your good work. Amen."

Console looks like a pretty decent Polystation (down to the square, cirlce, and triangle on the controllers.) Seen that mulitcart before with several other Famiclones. Pics ganked from the same French BBS as the Combook. Let's hope he's cool about it.



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