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Middle Eastern Famiclone



Console itself is standard Famicloneness, but this one is unique in that it comes out of the middle east and not Asia or South America (no doubt it was manufactured in Asia.) strange that it's an NTSC system as to my knowledge most countries use the PAL system, at least the countries which are European commonwealths (which most of them were at one point in time.) Hooks to the TV through RF antenna. Anyone read Arabic? 


Got this email some time ago but just now getting around to putting it up (so sue me:)

Hello my name is Omar. I think your section on
famiclones is great. I do not know if you already
found someone who speaks Arabic, but I do.

I am referring to one of the famiclones that you have
listed on your site, "Home Computer 3600". The Arabic
writing in the top left corner of the pic simply
translates to "Family Computer".

In Arabic, the words "family" and "home" are very
similar, a lot more than here in the U.S.A. So, it is
safe to assume that the Arabic and English writing are
referring to the same thing.

The attachment is the pic of the famiclone that I have
been typing about.

Have a nice day.

Thank you Omar!


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