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A few people have asked me why I bother to collect Famiclones, devote so much space to them on the site, etc. Well, although most clones are cheap pieces of garbage once in a while you find machines like this, something that either improves on the original desgin or adds all kind of cool features.

This machine is a tiny little famiclone (use the controllers as a judge to it's size.) But the cool thing here is that you can take your GBA SP and use it as a screen, essentially turning this into another portable Famiclone. A totally awsome idea and it suprises me that other companies (including Nintendo) hadn't thought of it first.

This clone can be hooked up to a TV as normal but also has AV in, so you can hook up any external source and play/watch it through the attached SP screen, like a DVD player or another game system. I am definetley going to be picking one of these up.

Currently on ebay for about $40 bucks.





Handy Famieight






Famicom compatible


Can use a GBA SP as a portable screen

AV in