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Dreamgear My Arcade Joystick




Interesting joystick-style clone from Dreamgear, who also makes several other models. It' cleaverly disguised to look like one of those TV Game type consoles that are so popular nowadays, but it's in fact a famiclone on the inside.

Games inside are the same games that seem to be inside of all of these famiclones, a mix of romhacks (most commonly of Color Dream games) and a plethora of "original" games, which all tend to involve shooting or catching objects that fly by at a high speed (flies, leaves, eggs, etc.) One day someone is going to hack and dump all these games and we'll all see why we shouldn't have wasted our money and time on them.

Stuff like this does tend to become collectable in later years so it might be worth picking one up for that reason.

Official site: http://dreamgear.net


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Dreamgear My Arcade Joystick with 50 Games






50 built in