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Famicom Copier unit with game system built in



For those that don't know a Rom copier is a neato little device that lets tech-savvy individuals enter the exciting world of video game piracy. With one of these units you can rip the rom off of a cartridge, mess with the source code (like change around graphics,) and if you have a burner you can even compile it back into another cartridge, slap a label on it and sell your "game" as your own. Most people who use them though do it for educational purposes, and units like these are not designed to be used in a Chinese factory to slog out tem million multicarts for the latest piece of garbage Famiclone. These machines also allow you to take a rom from the internet and burn it into a cart as well (if you have the right equipment.) Most Rom copiers are merely add-ons that fit into the cartridge slot of a particular console, but this one is unique in that it has a Famicom built right in.

Seems this particular machine was intended to introduce children to BASIC and LOGO programming. But it also has it's own floppy drive. So essentially this means that the more tech savy of you people can use this machine as a budget devleopment unit to make your own homebrew Famicom games. As far as I know it uses some kind of weird non-standard Chinese coding mechanism to actually code the roms you rip, so you have to change some crap around before you can play it with an emulator on your computer. This particular machine comes with a disk drive, mouse, keyboard, and links to your PC vial serial cable. Made by Bung enterprises (out of China,) which had to stop production due to Nintendo laying the smack down, but these machines are not so rare yet that you can't find them still on Hong Kong game import sites.

Stop emailing me about where to get these or how they work. I don't know.


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