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Next gen system that got the axe



NUON based game system that got 86'ed like six months before it would have hit store shelves. Inifinum Labs just thought that Sony's market penetration was just too deep to make it feasible to compete.

Very cool looking Linux based console with a basically redesigned PS1 dual shock controller. Used a DVD drive and could of course read VCD, MP3, CDs, etc. NUON eventually made it's way into several different DVD players but good luck finding one (let alone any of the only seven games made for them.)

What really blows is that this was supposed to be an open source console (hence Linux) which meant anyone with a PC could potentially have been a developer. Damn.

Indrema closed it's doors on April 6th, 2001, ten million dollars short for what they needed to continue with the console. Problably not more than a few early prototypes around if any out there.





Indrema L600




Spring 2001


Projected retail: