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Normally I don't really go for these TV game type deals, but this one is Starwars, so what the hey.

Five games are included, although none of them are really that good, but what do you expect for $20. They do try hard to be faithfull to the movies. Don't know what kind of hardware is inside these units but the games are comprable to first generation SNES or Genesis games. So they look pretty good, play halfway decently, but don't really have much in the way of depth or replay value. The games are pretty small, with only a few levels/screens repeated over and over. The best part about them has to be the sound, which uses digitized lightsaber and lazer blasts from the movies.

The newer models actually have a cartridge slot included, so what we have here is actually a real game console. Seperate "Gamekeys" as they call it should go on sale in fall 2005.

The Games:

Droid Invasion: Like Space Invaders with Obiwan Kenobi and droids. The catch is you can't actually fire but instead have to reflect the laser blasts back at the droids. Powerups give you a Force Push and double bladed lightsaber. Problably the funnest game of the lot.

Coruscant Attack: Time Pilot clone with Jedi Starfighters. As you fire ahead you also release a mine to destroy stuff behind you. Problem is you can't actually stop, only drift to change directions, which is a little hard to control.

Utapau Chase: Top down shooter where Obiwan rides his lizard thing to go kill General Grevious. This game actually controls the best out of the five, and actually has a Boss with increasing difficulty at the end of each round. Thing is it's too easy and there's no actual "end." So it gets somewhat repetitive after a while. On my first try I got to like level 27 with no end in sight.


Gunship Battle: Like Choplifter except instead of rescuing people you're dropping them off at the enemy base. Looks the best of all the games with parallax scrolling and good animation for the gunship. Sadly the controls are awful, the ship moves like a small insect. So half the time you crash into stuff before you know what's happening.

Grevious Onslaught: Annakin has to rescue the Chancellor by slashing up droids in this Gauntlet style overhead game. Looks good, plays ok (the droids have a tendency to shoot at odd angles, making it difficult to reflect their shots back at them.) Powerups include a shield, force push which is pretty useless, and extra lives. Pretty fun for a while, but like the rest it just repeats over and over again until you get bored.

Anyone past the age of 12 problably won't get very much enjoyment out of this machine, but for Starwars people it's pretty good, plus the fact that new games will come out for it might make it worth a purchase.


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