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Five classic Namco titles in a plug-and play Joystick


These type of "buncha-games-in-a-controller" seems to be like some kind of trend now. I've seen Atari, Activision, and Intellivision versions, and now this one. To it's credit the machine itself is full of retro coolness. It looks like a little arcade cabinet. Games included are Pac-man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally X and Bosconian System works off an emulator. All over Ebay for some reason.

So I've finally bothered to pick one of these up. It's pretty nice, runs off of four AA batteries that seem to last forver. Graphics are arcade perfect, but for some reason the sound is just a little off. Compact and well built, with cool decals. Run about $20 in any department store.

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