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Radica Play TV Golden Tee Golf



I've never really understood Golf, just seems like a highly illogical game to me (I assure you that the fact that I tend to really stink at it has not impaired my judgement in the slightest.)  Same with golf video games, just does not intrest me. However somebody out there must really like golf games as it's been a staple in video games since day one. Pretty much every single game system from the original Odyssey has some form of Golf game.

Golden Tee Golf is a game you usually see in more adult hangout spots like bars and pool halls moreso than in arcades. Whatever they did with this game they did it right - not only is it all over the place but the game has not significantly changed in like a decade. If it ain't broke, then why fix it, I guess.

Thus the release of this TV Game brings us full circle, no longer do you need to venture forth from the protection of your own home to enjoy the greatness of video golf. What we have here seems to be an earlier version of said game, from around the mid 90's I'd say. True to the arcade game a trackball control is used. 1-4 players, uses 4 AA batteries, should be pretty easy to find and shouldn't cost more than $29.95.

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Radica Play TV Golden Tee Golf