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Dragon Ball Z TV Game 2



Here we have a Dragon Ball Z themed plug and play game released from Bandai. This game has nothing to the with the other Jakks Pacific DBZ TV game. The "2" in the title is actually part of the product name, which leads me to beleive there may be another Japan-only TV game which preceeds it.

This particular game uses motion control technology liscenced from Xavix. You place the little rings on your fingers and the game tracks your punches to the character on screen, also in order to throw a fireball or Kamehameha wave you must do the appropiate motion with your hands.

Sadly as Dragon Ball fever has been on the wane over hear for the last few years we probably won't see this released stateside, however it's not too hard to find via the usual import sites.


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Dragon Ball Z TV Game 2






4 built in

Uses Xavix motion technology