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Dragon Ball Z TV Games



Three TV games based on the popular anime by Jakks Pacific, the same people who also released the Starwars, Namco, and many other TV games. It'd a pretty sturdy unit, made of decent plastic with the Earth dragon Shinron for the joystick. Three action buttons on the left corner and the on/off and a menu button on the front. The menu button serves to only return to the menu once you eventually lose at any of the three games.

Not that you'll be using it becase the three included games are pretty easy, clearly desgined for the 8 - 12 age group. That said they're actually pretty good. Don't know what the hardware is inside but I'd wager it's based on the Snes, the graphics and sound are pretty close and the fighting game uses an engine close to some of the DBZ Super Famicom games (although it's not as good as any of them.) I can't say anyone over the age of twelve would have a fullfilling gaming experience with one of these but if you should happen to come into possesion of one it's worth checking out.



The first game is sort of like a death match version of Pong, you fly around and swat this energy ball back and forth in an attempt to steal dragon balls from your opponent. You can block, throw fireballs, and do a Kamehameha wave when you catch the energy ball. Not a bad game, but it's too easy.


The resident fighting game reminds me a lot of the various DBZ SFC games of the past, right down to the near unplayability. Granted the game here is a lot simpler than any of those, but the engine is pretty close, and I must say they all use possibly the worst fighting game engine ever made. You can punch, kick, and have a "fireball" button, have to recharge, etc. Includes a story mode and exhibition, but like the others it's too easy.



The pinball game is actually the best game of the lot, plus there's an actual point to it. The idea is as you shoot the ball into various places (like the dinosaur's mouth) it switches to another screen where you have to destroy various characters like Vegeta or the Ginyu force to turn the ball into a dragon ball, which you must shoot into a target to give it to Goku. It's got good use of the DBZ theme throughout the boards three screens and is actually fun to play.


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