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For those of you who don't know BeyBlade is kind of like Pokemon with Tops. You have this little gun that shoots the spinning tops (that you can customize with different weights, weapons, etc.) into a little arena and as they bump into each other they "fight." Not a bad Idea for a toy. So this thing is like one of those "Play Power TV" things with 5 Beyblade related games. Not sure what kind of hardware is on the inside but the graphics and sounds look a little more advanced (maybe 16-bit) so I'm pretty sure it's not just another Famiclone.

The five games included are: (from Hasbro.com):

Tournament Mode - Choose a BEYBLADE top to battle through a tournament.

Free Battle Mode - Choose your opponent to train for the battle.

Power Mode - Measure the power of your ripcord.

Survival Mode - Crush the enemy one by one!

2-Player Battle Mode - Battle with a friend and see who is stronger

To use the 2 player mode it appears you have to have a link cable, which is, of course, not included.

Unfortunately the system is not expandable with carts, CDs, or any other media so you're stuck with what you got. Obviously a toy aimed at small children but looks like it might be cool to play around with for a little while. Available in most retail stores and runs about $25.





Beyblade 5-in-1 arcade challenge






Five selectable games

Uses 4 AA batteries