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Unit and packaging

The gangs all there, all of them so dated to today's standards. I think Sonia would have to be naked now to get anyone's attention. I also love how you can get 2 characters in one just by changing the colors of a ninja costume.

The most gruesome and silly finishing move in the series. This move was modified for SNES by Subzero merely freezing you and then shattering your body.


Guest review by: Bob

At the tender age of 11 (or maybe 12) I was in a bowling alley arcade. As I bounced around from one Street Fighter II game to the next I discovered something that seemed odd. A group of about 5 adults crowded around an arcade game that I couldn't make out because I was so very small and unable to see over them. Adults? In a arcade? What, no beer at home?

At about 11 pm I got my last 2 quarters from my deadbeat father and headed back to the arcade. The crowd was gone and I could see the machine they had been gawking at for the last 4 hours. I didn't really read the name, which was odd now that i think of it, but the screen seemed to be alive to me. Then when I noticed 2 joysticks and on the screen some punching, kicking and fireball throwing, my 50 cents found a home. This encounter would scar my mind. This was Mortal Kombat.

A gong sounded and i picked my fighter, Sonia. I always picked female fighters in video game because most of the time those characters were faster, and fun for an 11 year old to watch jump around on screen. I did my first round and my character was real. Street Fighter was a cartoon that came to life, all in all, good fun but this was far more subversive. I jump kicked my opponent only to get jacked by an uppercut that would spray out the first sight of blood I'd ever seen in a game before. My jaw dropped. The third round I was already hypnotized. The sounds were agonizing, the music was darker than SFII and I had made it winning until I found my character killed by being upper-cutted into the famous 'The Pit' level. The image of Sonia Blade being impaled in a lower level of a level upon spikes sticking out of the ground next to other dead bodies drawn into the background was like watching Faces of Death. I had that dirty feeling,  I had lost 2 quarters and saw something so "grown up." I loved it, but this was the kind of game my mother didn't hear about when I got home. Well not until its console release on the SNES (best 16-bitter in my opinion by the way). The SNES version was limited but still bad ass fun and I didn't even need the quarters to have it. Unfortunately the SNES release had no blood, or even a code for it like the SEGA Genesis release. The "fatalities" were there but some were modified (no head-exploding fun for Rayden or Head-ripping-with-spine-intact fun for Subzero) which was a downer, but MK II's console release pulled out more stops and gave me what I saved 2 months allowance over.

11 years later, I cruise into a Walmart and check out those videogame in a controller gadgets and find something (in the stack of bullshit Atari rehashes) - Mortal Kombat TV game. The rest of the day L felt like a teenager again. The quality and gameplay can be compared to the SNES versions and this time, NO CENSORSHIP! Blood, Original Fatalities, Special moves, All in a great and small package. The controller itself is cool looking, though uncomfortable for long playing. Don't expect the joypad to be sensitive, expect a red blistery thumb instead (it makes me wonder how that passed the test stage). Also the there is loading times, including for Shang Tsungs morphing from character to character, very annoying, its not a CD so why the hell am I waiting? Goro is there in his four armed glory, the mysterious Reptile, those funny and cool shadows in the moon on "The Pit" level. Its all here and its all still good. Great gift for someone that hasn't owned a system since the PS1.

Midway's name is on the controller, along with Jakks Pacific. It takes 4 AA's and also an included 2032 button cell for its memory (I suppose at Jakks they think we care about keeping our high score initials saved). There's a input on the front of the unit and link cable included for 2 player hookups which is a good move. As I said before, the joypad is heavily textured for grip and after an hour your thumb will be throbbing. Included in the packaging is the manual to the game which features unnecessary character stories and all the finishing moves, I wish they'd done that 11 years ago it would have saved me a lot of flipping through EGM's. A great deal for less than 20 bucks, and better than what the cart cost me 11 years ago.

The Good: A nostalgia classic in a small, cool looking package. Doesn't gobble batteries, and gives you the adult oriented SEGA Genesis blood, with good looking SNES quality looks and playability. FOR JUST 20 FUCKING DOLLARS. Niiiice.

The Bad: Its hard to type right now my thumb is sore. I guess the loading times on a non-CD game(?) give my joypad thumb a chance to rest (sarcasm).

The Ugly: Thank you Jakks for the ability to use a button cell battery for saving my high score, now I can type in SEX and ASS or other 3 letter obscenities and treasure them forever.

I've fallen out of the MK loop. It went to 3D action during the PS1 days and since then I haven't cared for it. Its bad enough Sub Zero has the unrealistic ability to yank your head off and leave the spine in great shape (?). I don't care to see it every time, and every sequel from 100 different angles. Midway has and always will be wringing out the corpse of MK and if a penny seeps from any orifice of it, they'll surely keep it going. I'll stick to the game that started it all, and was the back cover story of the 16 bit golden age that lead to the end of those days, and Midway can sell Mortal Kombat Go Cart Racing (no, that game doesn't exist) to some other 11 year old gaming brat.

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