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Read this before you email me:


I do not own all of the systems listed on these pages, nor do I know where to get them. Most of these systems are extremely rare, unheard of, or otherwise obscure

The systems in my personal collection have a larger description, and are marked with an asterisk *.

I am starting to get e-mail from kids, which is fine. I'm glad to see youngsters taking an interest in older games. However you wee ones out there be aware that I can have a pretty awful potty mouth at times. There is bad language on my pages. I assume that anyone old enough to use the computer is old enough to read common four letter words.

All of the links may not be active right away. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff left to put up. I usually put up a lot of systems at once and then activate the links as I get around to putting up the pages. I update about once a week so check back often.

Please folks, don't send me e-mails asking about where to find these systems or how to hook a PAL system to an NSTC TV, or other questions like "How does the serial-bus RAM integrated funk chip on the PC1X7 relate to the draw-screen command of the NAPPY 827276 programming language?" I don't know. And also, if I make a glaring mistake, please feel free to sent me a taunting e-mail. I am a grown man now. I can take it.

You may notice a lot of inconsistancy among the various pages of the database. That is becasue I'm constantly updating the look and feel of the site, rest assured that when I find it, all the pages will reflect this.

All names, hardware, games, charaters, and other copyrighted materials are property of their respective companies and are only mentioned here for purposes of review.

This page is made for beginning collectors (like me) so I won't go too much into system requirements or development units. Check out my Hawanja webcomic for crazy stoner ninja action. Enjoy!



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