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Pretty nice looking Supergun, I know these things aren't desgined for looks, still this one at least seems to be self contained (i.e. no electrical components jutting out where they can get dirty or damaged.) Can use both composite video and S-video inputs to a regular television and has standard RCA cables for stereo sound. Also has it's own buit in speaker, which eliminates the need for a seperate audio system (for say if you mounted it in an arcade cabinet.) I would still like to see one of these pre-built superguns come with some kind of caddy or something to mount the arcade board, but as Superguns are usually a DIY type thing I suppose they leave that up to you. Comes with two standard arcade control decks and can be wired with more to accomodate extra player games. Manufacturer's suggested retail price: $295, availible at www.massystems.com.

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Supernova SAS-228SC


Mas Systems




Street Fighter II 6-button Control Panel w/ Cherry switches from Happ Controls


Built-in 3-Inch speaker

RCA jacks for both Left/Right channels

Composite Video, S-Video (Y/C), and RGB

l DC Power Supply : +5V (15A), +12V (2A), -5V(1A) Input Voltage : 120VAC (50-60 Hz) or 220VAC (50Hz)