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For Sale/Trade

All the crap I have up for sale is used unless otherwise stated. Occasionally I will post links to my ebay auctions for you guys to check out. 

All prices are negotiable,  but please, serious inquires only. 

I accept personal/cashier's check, paypal, or money order only, no cash, no 3rd party escrow services. Not like anything I have is that expensive anyway. Item will be sent only after payment is recieved.

Anyone who is interested in buying/trading for any of these items, please e-mail me here

Buyer pays all shipping costs, insurance, etc. 

I will of course trade anything listed below for items on my want list



Sega Genesis:

 Sega Genesis games: $5 each unless otherwise noted

        Last Battle (cart only)

Sega 32X:

    Metalhead (cart, box, and instructions, great shape) $8

    Virtua Racing (Cart, Box, and instructions, great shape) $8


    Sonic CD (case has 2 small cracks, CD and manual in mint condition) $10

Sega Dreamcast:

Dreamcast Games: $5 each unless otherwise noted

        NFL Blitz 2000 (CD, Case, and Manual in mint condition

Atari Jaguar:

    Cybermorph (cart only) $4

PC Games:

   Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the Beholder (SSI 1990, 3'1/2 disks, box and discs only) $4

   Commander Keen's Trek 96 (sealed in box, 3 1/2 discs, 1997 Cyberdigital, unopened) $3

    Dune II, (Westwood, DOS, 3'1/2 disks, box and manual included, good shape) $ 8.00

    Police Quest 2: The Vengence (DOS, 3'1/2 disks, boxed, complete) $5.00

    Quest For Glory II: Trial By fire (Sierra, 3' 1/2 disks, DOS, box and manuals, great shape) $10

    Quake I shareware version: (CD and disc, good shape) $2

    Upper Deck NL east Baseball disc 4  ( EA games, available only through Post cereal giveaway) $2


Xbox Magazine Demo Disc #31 - $2 


        Toca Racer (demo)

        Sonic Hereos (demo)

        Alias (demo)

        NBA Ballers (demo, interviews, trailer, trou of Stephen Marbury's crib.) 

Electronic gaming Monthly PS2 Demo disc $2


        Action Replay codes

       James Bond demo

        Top 3 2003 trailers

        2003 year in review

Computer Gaming World Demo disc # 231- $2


        XIII (demo)

        Tron 2.0 (demo)

        Midnight club 2 (demo)

        Hoyle Majestic Chess (demo)

Once again, all prices are negotiable. Feel free to make an offer.

My want list

I will be willing to pay fair prices for any of the items listed below, or trade what I have in the above sale list. E-mail me here to make a deal.



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