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Tuff E Nuff

Jaleco 1993

Super Nintendo



Obscure Street Fighter rip off with some strange looking characters. The full name of this game is "Tuff E Nuff: Master the moves to master me," which is, for all intents and purposes, fucking stupid. The Japanese name for this game was "Dead Dance" which is far better and explains why the Japanese will always make better fighting games than we will.

The plot follows the usual post apocolyptic-war-excuse-for-a-fighting-tournament thing, this time your character is on a quest to kill Jade, who is this buff dude in robot fighting armor, the leader of a gang of people with mohawks who took over after the bomb dropped (because in video game land all you need to be evil is a mohawk.) In a one player game you choose one of four stereotypical fighter people and go fight your way up the leader's tower.

Instead of just taking the elevator straight to the top of the tower for some reason you decide to stop at every floor and fight one of the evil Jade's body guards. Also for some reason they allow you to do this instead of just blowing you away as soon as you walk out the door. Of course if there were any logic in early 90s fighting games then there wouldn't be much of a game to begin with. Not that I don't like the genre (actually I quite enjoy them,) but still the plots for some of these games are a little ridiculous.

The fighters you're allowed to choose for this mission are adequate for effectiveness although lacking a bit in the imagination department. There are Syoh and Zazi, your token Ryu and Ken clones, Kotono the Ninja, and Vortz the wrestler from (where else?) Russia. They all handle and have moves comparable to their Street Fighter counterparts, in fact they look a little bit like them too.

The "bosses" however are a little more varied. "Beans" somewhat looks like birdie from Street Fighter Alpha, but this was years before Street Fighter Alpha came out so that doesn't count. Sirou is a Ninja that can walk on the celieng and attack with Terry Bogard style energy waves. Rei is a female Japanese priestess with spirit attacks. Dolf is a middle eastern-style terrorist with a rocket launcher. Gajet is a large Mexican-masked style wrestler. K's has mechanical arms, sort of like a mix of Bison and Dhalism. The final boss Jade fights in a style where it looks like he's expending the absolute minimum effort.

None of them are particularly hard except the final boss which is extremely cheap (of course.) But he's not undefeatable after you learn the pattern. Someone with decent skill could probably complete the game under an hour. Fortunately you are able to play as the bosses in the two player game. It would have been nice to be able to choose any of them in the one player game as for the most part they are all more effective than the four main heroes.

In all it's a decent brawler, although highly derivative. It does it's job well enough.





Description :


Main Hero Syoh wears the post-apocolyptic football shoulder pads, because everyone knows after a nuclear war this is the only type of body armor anyone is allowed to wear. Also it seems atomic blasts and radiation have not hampered operations at the Levi Strauss company.


Zazi is the second player, which true to mid 90s fighting game rules has to be a palette swap of player one with a different head, although here they took an extra step and made him black. He wears the same football shoulder pads along with ski boots, because all street-fightin' defenders of humanity have to wear boots with buckles on them.


Kotono the lady ninja has the nearly the exact same moves as Mai Shurinai from Fatal Fury. There must have been a sale on green summer wear at Target.


Vortz is a wrestler, and since he's a wrestler in an early 90s fighting game that means he has to be Russian. Good to know that after armageddon they will still be making kneepads and yellow wifebeaters.


This guy's name is Beans, and I have no idea what the hell is going on with his wardrobe. What the fuck is with the albino Fry Guys on his shoulders? And what's with those shoes, man? Blaggh. As he is the first "bad guy" he is easy to beat, which is good because anyone who dresses like this needs to get his ass kicked.


Here is Dolf the terrorist, proving that even before 9-11 all terrorists in popular culture were Middle Eastern.


Rei is a lady priestess-ninja-woman, who looks like a King of the Fighters character who's name I can't think of now. She also feels the need to protect her shoulders but feels comfortable wearing those traditional Japanese balancing-sandals. Are those things real? I mean I see them in all kinds of anime and stuff but I can't understand how anyone could possibly walk in those.


Gadjet is the second palette swapped character. As expected he has the exact same moves as Vortz. I'm sure there's supposed to be some interesting back story here, but who cares.


Sirou is perhaps the most original character here. The pic is not upside down, the character actually runs around on the celing, and is in fact extremely cheap. He has the Shredder knock-off helmet and billowing Ninja pantaloons.


They must have run out of wardrobe ideas here, because K's just wears his khaki pants and stupid smile on his face. The lazy son-of-a-bitch didn't even put any shoes on, like he just got home from work and is taking the trash out.


Super last boss Jade has the full body armor that gives him extremely cheap moves that look vaguely familiar, like a flying head stomp and body charge from the last boss of another fighting game who's parent company should have sued the crap out of Jaleco for ripping them off so much. Besides that he's cheap as hell.



Graphics: Surprisingly very good for a under exposed Street Fighter clone. The fighters animate pretty smoothly and each has somewhat of a personality (although some of them have some very stupid costumes.) Lots of attention was paid to the backgrounds. In some levels you can see storms in the distance, moving machinery, etc. Rei's stage is filled with a very well done translucent layer of smoke.

Sound: The usual grunts, groans, and screaming of special moves fills the audio channels. I've always wondered if in feudal Japan real ninjas and samurais screamed the name of whatever technique they were doing in the middle of battle like this.

Gameplay: Tight controls, well balanced characters. Too bad it jacks nearly every one of it's game play mechanics from Street Fighter.

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