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Tekkaman Blade






1993 BEC

Super Famicom



Super Famicom only game based on a popular Anime of the same name. Not sure of the story going on here, it looks similar to Gundam or other giant robot type stuff. Anyway the game is a side scrolling shooter except you can't shoot anything, you have to swat all of the bad guys down with your spikey stick thing. Rapidly tapping the A button makes your giant robot do a quick little auto combo. The B button makes you throw the spear boomerang style. Traditional shooter rules apply; Destroy a wave of a certain enemy and they drop power ups, life refills, etc. The side scrolling portions are pretty simplistic and extremely easy. Since you can block enemy bullets all you have to do is constantly jam on the attack button and you remain completely protected. Your two attacks limit you a lot. Throwing the spear can take out a whole like of enemies but has a long wind up time in which you are vulnerable, thus you end up just hitting the same button over and over. Your robot is a rather big target and you still can get hit in the legs however. But since it takes like 30 shots to kill you most people should be able to pass these levels in one try. Pretty boring.

At the end of each level you meet up with another giant robot person and quick banter is exchanged. There is an English translation of this game floating around out there for people who are interested, but I imagine the dialog is of the "I am honor bound to kick your butt" type as both robots proceed to another screen before the fight starts proper. These boss battles are handled in two-on-two fighting game style. These fights are actually pretty boring too - the characters are animated like crap, and you still only have two attacks. You can thrust the spear and do a swipe, and each seems to have the same level of damage. You can also lose your weapon, in which case you're pretty much meat as you also lose the ability to block effectively. The bosses are pretty much cake too until about the third level whereupon you get your ass kicked.

We here in the states complain a lot about games that never make it to our shores because they are too "Japanese," but we fail to realize sometimes that a lot of the games that are never picked up suck.

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