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Super Godzilla


Toho 1993

Super Nintendo



You all know I love Kaiju Eiega. But most games based on Godzilla and his friends suck major loads of giant monster butthole. This is one such game.

The logical choice for a Godzilla game would involve you as Godzilla destroying everything and stomping on crowds of fleeing people, occasionally kicking some other Kaiju bootay too, right? Not here. Here you are presented with an overworld map where you get to guide Godzilla through the city, avoiding crap. What the hell is this?

It wouldn't be so bad if you got to like, actually see Godzilla stomp on some buildings or something. But you don't. All you see is a little blip on the map walk over an icon that represents some buildings. But this is only on the top part of the screen. The top portion of the screen is reserved to showing Godzilla's head and torso walking. Maybe you see some skyscrapers in the background.

I saw some tanks. I was like "I'm going to make Godzilla step on the tanks." But in the window all I saw was some tiny explosions on Godzilla's head. He doesn't even step on the tanks. LAME.

At the end of each level you get to fight another monster. These fights take place in the upper window in the traditional one-on-one fighter style. I mistakenly thought there might actually be some fun here. But alas no, these "fights" suck as much as anything else. Godzilla has the ability to punch. That's it, punch. What you do is punch, then walk backwards, and different super moves appear in this little window, the farther back you get, the more powerful the attack becomes. When you select an attack you get to see it played out in the top window. On the good side these little mini-cutscenes are well animated and feature large sprites of the various monsters. On the bad side is that this particular fighting engine is boring as hell, contains virtually no challenge, and completely blows any chance of this game ever being fun. Lame in so many ways I can't even count.

There is one reason to own this game for big time Godzilla fans (such as myself.) The last boss of the game is a monster called Bagan, which was supposed to be the villain in an unmade Mothra movie. Bagan looks pretty cool, large and demonic like Destroyah but with more reptilian characteristics. But like the rest of the game Bagan falls short because of the inherent flaws of game design. Bagan is too hard and kicks your butt too easily, unless you power up into "Super Godzilla," (which you do by uncovering these power point icons on the last level) in which case Bagan becomes way too easy. "Super Godzilla" looks just like regular Godzilla but with spikes coming out of his face (in fact, looks a lot like Space Godzilla.)

Godzilla people are a strange lot, they can put up with a lot of baloney as far as their favorite franchise is concerned. They don't care if Godzilla flies, or dances the Shi, or talks, or has a sidekick named Gadzooky, or even if Tristar changes it all around and makes a stupid knock off (well, I cared..) But gamers are a different lot. Video game people actually like some quality in the stuff they spend their money on. Maybe this is why every Godzilla game made before Save the Earth sucks so much.

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