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Doomsday Warrior



Rennovation 1992






Pretty generic Streetfighter knock-off that came out during the height of the fighting game craze back in the early 90s. Story looks like it was adapted (or ripped off from) some kind of anime or something, alien witch shows up and destroys Earth by tricking six of the Earth's best martial artists into becoming her superhuman hit squad, but then one of them turns traitor (that is, which ever one you choose.) Why she couldn't just bombard the Earth from orbit I don't know.

The character desgins span the entire range of early 90s fighting game sterotypes, from the pallette swapped rival/heroes to the usual little bouncy girl (who no doubt if this were an anime would at one point have to take a shower.) The other characters are a little more inspiring, including a lizardman, fat Chinese sorccerer who beats you down with his ponytail, and a T-1000 rip-off called "Nuform." There are even a couple of non-playable boss characters (a giant statue and something else I can't remember) in addition to the evil witch herself.

Graphcis aren't really much to write home about (most of the animation is of the two or three step variety.) The gameplay itself is pretty lackluster for the simple fact that the fighters don't really move very fast and you actually have to press a button to jump. Platform game mechanics don't really go down well in fighting games. The game does have an interesting special move system where the characters do a kind of DBZ-type attack and nice graphical effects cover the entire screen. But besides from looking cool they're telegraphed and easy to avoid.

Not really a bad game, just one in an endless stream of forgettable me-too fighting games.

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