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This is one of those el-cheapo games you get off the $9.99 rack at Comp USA, but actually it's pretty good. The whole game is like playing a 1950's Monster B movie. Intro screens are drive-in theater movie screens that play like comming attractions. I've always loved giant monster crap, and there is nothing more satisfying than destroying a whole city and stomping on innocent people in maddened Kaiju genocidal fury.

You can choose between several B movie style monsters, including a Godzilla-type lizard, the She Beast (like the 50 foot woman,) a giant alien robot, and a giant mutated floating disembodied brain that attacks with psychic powers (like in the Brain that wouldn't die, a true classic.) Each monster has several different moves, including projectile beams, earthquake stomps, etc. Each monster gets one unlimited weapon, the others must be charged via powerups. Also you can pick up cars, tanks, or debris and throw them. You can also eat people, which is rad.

Where the game really shines is in the little details, army men scuttle at your feet, crowds of civilians run around in utter panic, screaming women cry for thier missing babies. Occasionally a vehicle like a sportscar or ice cream truck will turn a corner, run into your foot, and explode in an extremely satisfying fireball. Plus you can step on people, which is of course, rad.

There are several game modes, Arcade mode where you get three lives, and another where you have one life but unlimited weapon powers. There are also modes where everything is in black and white like an old 50's movie, and another where the gameplay area is encapsulated on a movie screen like you're actually watching a movie. Doesn't do much for gameplay but the idea is very cool.

Gameplay involves destroying everything in sight then moving on the the next city and doing it again. Sadly that's about it. You don't get to fight any other monsters, there's no Boss battles, the game just goes on seemingly forever until you eventually bite it and your reign of terror comes to an end. Graphics are decent and control is good, could use a sequel with some multiplayer support or at least some other monsters to fight once in a while.