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Screenshots taken from the official KKND website

Beam Software 1997



Krush, Kill, n' Destroy... Yeah, okay. A pretty good real time strategy game despite a name thought up by a 14 year old. The game follows the emergence of a group of survivors after a nuclear Holocaust (called appropriately"Survivors") as they fight the mutated remnants of humanity (the "Evolved") for control of the surface.

The game is played via the usual building and unit trees, build a certain building like a machine shop or barracks and you get to make tanks and soldiers, etc, then click on a guy and send him out to go kill another guy. The humans and mutants use distinctly different technology but are evenly matched (the Evolved tend to rely more on giant monsters and animals, such as a humongous crab instead of a tank or wooly mammoth with a cannon on it's back.) It's all pretty straight forward. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of weapons of mass destruction for either team, no nuclear bombs, satellite lazers, chemical weapons, etc. There also is no equivalent of a "commando unit," i.e. the hero unit that you can only make a few of but who kicks major ass. However as this is one of the earlier RTS games most of this can be forgiven.

Resource collecting in this game is limited to oil wells which provide RU (resource units) that you can spend to build more stuff. Thus the game becomes more about the strategy of capturing and holding the territory with oil wells and slowly wearing down your opponent. On top of this your individual units can use things like trees and rocks as cover to strategically defend an area with a smaller forces. Since individual units are somewhat fragile (even tanks) it takes an awful lot to knock out a group of defenders in the right territory, thus large scale blitzkrieg tactics are not as effective here as in other games such as Command & Conquer. While this does allow you to "set and forget" your defenses without the fear of them being overrun the minute you take your eyes off them it does slow down the gameplay somewhat. It is a nice change from the norm as most RTS games punish you for defending.

Overall a good early RTS that holds up decently when compared to modern examples of the genre.

Graphics: Very clear with large characters. There are very detailed explosions with little tiny pieces of shrapnel flying all over the place. Comprable to C&C: Tiberian Sun.

Sound: Somewhat generic sound effects for the weapons and such. On the plus side each unit has a different call signal and personality.

Gameplay: Not as fast as modern RTS games but more involving as far as terrain and defense goes. A good assortment of single player missions with clearly defined goals to play after you tire of killing your friends.

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