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Command & Conquer Red Alert: Couterstrike

1996 Westwood (EA Games)



New missions for Red Alert 1, pretty much the same deal as C&C: Covert Operations. And as with that earlier example somewhat falls short in delivery. There are eight new missions for both Soviet and Allies, most of which are decent. They all have some sort of objective to complete besides just building up and destroying the other side, usually you have to do something like take out a specific building, capture and enemy base, evacuate (or kill) civilians, etc. Unlike the main game there are no FMV intros, only a short text briefing describing what you have to accomplish.

There are several new units that are introduced like mobile radar jammers, nuclear submarines, Tesla tanks (which would appear in Red Alert 2,) as well as mission specific units like the Super Soldier Commander Kirov and his atomic dog. But the new units are essentially just modified units from the main game, most of them even use slightly modified sprites as well. And for some reason you can't play any of these new units in a multiplayer game which, for all intents and purposes, blows.

The missions can get pretty tough. Generally they start out hard as if you fail your main objective you lose, however after you complete it you get free reign to build up and destroy the other side. A few of them are downright sadistic though, such as one where you get a small team that has to build a base with nothing and escort a convoy while Soviets attack nearly every 30 seconds.

There are a few easter eggs in the game, like four hidden missions where you have to kill an infestation of Giant Ants (similar to the dinosaur missions in the original C&C) as well as a few exploitable bugs involving game swapping, for instance if you enter a mission then quit and start and Allied skirmish game your mobile radar jammer will be able to attack with Tesla tank shots. Best reason to get this pack though is that it includes 100 multiplayer maps of which any can be played in skirmish mode.

Like the expansion pack for the earlier game it's probably not worth tracking this one down by itself. It was rereleased in 2006 as part of the Command & Conquer: The First Decade bundleware package.

Unit lost.

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