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Bad Toys 3D

1995 Tibo Software

Windows 9.x



Imitation is the best form of flattery, nowhere is that statement more applicable than to gaming. Seems moreso than any other form of entertainment games suffer from "Me-too" syndrome. This particular game is an early FPS in the same vein of Castle Wolfenstien, except instead of a castle shooting Nazis you're in a toy factory blowing up walking smiley faces.

In fact, it is so incredibly close to Castle Wolfenstien it could almost be a Rom hack, except in this case everything is shittier. Graphics look like Wolfenstien but of a crappier quality, sound is close but more generic, controls are laid out exactly the same, just more wonky. If you're gonna rip off another game you at least have to make your version playable.

The problem with this game isn't the graphics or sound, both of which (while somewhat ghetto) are still adequate. There are actually pretty good animation and clear digital samples used.

The problem is the control - you have to use the arrow buttons to move, and hold the Shift key to strafe. For those of us who actually remember the 90s this is in fact the exact same control scheme as Castle Wolfenstien. However unlike that superior game you are not able to configure these controls to your liking, thereby handicapping anyone who is used to a modern fps control style. Try using Shift and <-- and --> to strafe, even in a simple game like this, and see how far you get. It's un-fucking playable.

The second unforgivable control flaw here is that the mouse is used not to just look around, but to also move - so move it up somewhat and your character actually moves forward, instead of just using it to aim like in any other FPS made in the last 15 years. You would think this wouldn't make such a big difference, but it does. It almost makes it impossible to even walk with a mouse/keyboard combination. No option to turn this off. Lame.

Third, the game is just too damn fast. Not that everything is too fast (enemy characters move at a rather slow speed) but rather YOU run too fast. Add this to the wonky, primitive controls and the frustration factor goes critical.

All really too bad, as the game looks semi-decent (for a Wolfenstien clone that is.) If there were some decent controls going on here I'd say the game would probably be too easy. As it is good luck getting past the second level.

Graphics: Blocky, look home made, but adequate. Among the better I've seen for these kinds of shareware games actually.

Sound: Good clear digitized samples, no music to speak of.

Gameplay: Bad controls handicap what would be a decent game, moves too fast.