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Magnavox 1978

Odyssey 2


An extremely simple version of baseball, easy to play but lacking many details. I guess though I'm somewhat biased as this was another game I had back in the day. But the things that impress me as a six year old verses today are a lot different.

All players are made up of the same generic little blockheaded man that appears in so many Odyssey 2 games. They are also made up of all one color, one team reddish, the other blue. There is no visible diamond although there is a home run fence for some reason. The outfielders can be moved around before the pitch, but they all move in a group so there's no specific positioning to cover the whole field. The pitcher is able to throw fast, slow, and curve balls to each side. The bat is a simple line that animates when you swing. It is rather easy though for outfielders to catch the ball and throw it to the various bases. It is also possible to be sneaky and steal bases, even get a game of pickle going on. There is no sliding into home or any other base.

An overly simple game with simple graphics. Although there isn't any of the subtlies we've come to expect from modern sports games (no bunting, no home run animations, hell, no team names) the game is playable and could be fun for nostalgia's sake.

Graphics: Ass. Total, ugly, smelly monkey butt. Like if you were to make a baseball game out of red and blue legos but without any of the cool pieces with joints in them.

Sound: Two sound effects - the "Blink!" used for hitting and catching the ball, and a "bloop!" when somone catches it.

Gameplay: You will like the game if you're six and it's 1982 and it's the only game you can even come close to beating your big brother at. Do not play if none of the above conditions apply.

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