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Armor Encounter/Sub Chase

1979 Magnavox

Odyssey 2


Generic Combat Clone for the Odyssey 2. When I say "Generic," I really mean it. For most of the knockoffs on this system they at least changed around a few of the play mechanics here and there so maybe if your eyesight was bad you might think it was an original game. Not so here. Here they didn't even try.

Armor Encounter: Two tanks have to kill each other. The field is filled with obstacles like ... umm.. lines that you can hide behind. There are mines marked with huge X's so you won't run over them unless you're retarded. You can bounce your shells off walls to nail someone unexpectedly. Unlike the 2600 game which this one rips off when your tank gets nailed it doesn't warp back to the other end of the screen. Here it explodes and stays in the same place, whereupon the other tank can gleefully pump shot after shot into you, over and over again, which is what my big brother used to do back in the day when we played this game as kids. Damn you Magnavox.

On the plus side there are like 12 different screens to play on. If you care by this point.

Sub Chase: You play either a low flying plane or a teeny-tiny sub. You both travel across the screen really fast in opposite directions. You cannot stop. All you can do is slow down a bit and change altitude. Each vehicle can fire one missile a time at the other. There is one friendly boat for the plane and one allied sub for the, uh, sub, that you lose points for destroying. That's it. There's not even any like, sharks or helicopters or other-type obstacles. Lame.

No one should pay for than .99 cents for this travesty.

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