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Meldac 1990






For those of you who are too young to witness a game console in  it's death thrones this game illustrates perfectly what happens when people begin to move onto the next big thing. When the majority of consumers move onto the latest next-gen system wierd stuff starts appearing.

This game features a giant disembodied floating samurai head that flies around destroying buildings with exploding vomit then eating the people who fall out. And that's the good guy. The bad guys are the American military, which have been taken over by an alien named Darc Seed and turned into zombies. Not making this up.

Gameplay consists of you flying around blowing stuff up and eating people, so at least that part's cool. Problem is your samurai head has the response time of a small insect. The slightest amount of pressure on the D-pad sends you flying across the screen. So half the time you die becasue you're flying too fast. The other half you die becasue the game is hard. I mean it. Plus there's no visible life meter, so you can't tell how close you are to dying in the first place. The end level bosses are suprisingly cake though. I suppose they just hired a bunch of monkeys to playtest this thing.

On the good side the graphics are pretty decent. Lots of animation and enemies fill the screen, as well as lots and lots of enemy projectiles (did I mention this game is hard?) The wierd visual imagery is enough to keep you captivated as to see what's next. After blowing up the Statue of Liberty you kind of wonder how it could possibly get any worse.

Good graphics, decent sound, crap control, wierd storyline. The dying howls of the NES in cart form.


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