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Wrecking Crew



1985 Nintendo


Early NES puzzle game starring Mario and Luigi as construction workers. The idea behind the game is to clear each level by destroying all of the walls. You do this by standing in front of the walls and smashing them with a hammer. Some of them are stronger brick walls and take more than one hit to destroy. The levels are made up of various wall types on platforms, oil drums (which act as barriers,) ladders, and bombs that can destroy an entire row of walls. The bombs also knock away any enemy types that may be chasing you.

There is also a second playing field behind the walls which is accessible via doors you have to knock open. This adds a new dimension as there are some places where you need to go behind barriers in this manner. Also you get to smack any monsters you may encounter from the other side.

As this was a pre-SMB Mario game the characters are pretty generic. The "wrench man" and "Eggplant man" are just generic enemies that follow you around. The main danger to you is from "Foreman Spike," which is an evil palette swap of Mario/Luigi who looks like he has a beard (Mario fans have speculated that this was the basis for the Wario character.) He actually seeks you out and tries to smack you with his hammer from the other side. There are also Mario Bros. style fireballs that appear from the sides of the screen. The AI is pretty simple, the various enemies seem to be placed more so to add a random element of danger to the puzzles than anything else.

A very early and simple Nes game with a "One more time" addictive quality to it.

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