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Urban Champion

1985 Nintendo



Extremely early one-on-one fighting game, that for all intents and purposes, sucks. Well, it doesn't suck for anything wrong that it does wrong, just for things that it does not do, like entertain you.

You are the Urban Champion. There is another guy who looks just like you. The goal of the game is to knock the other guy into an open manhole across the other side of the stage. You get two types of attacks, one light, fast punch and one heavy punch that makes you roll head over heels when hit. Every thirty seconds a cop car drives by, which resets both players to their starting places. Occasionally a lady drops a flowerpot out of a window on your head.

It's not really fair to compare this game to what we would normally consider a fighting game in this day and age. Still, even compared to other NES games at the time this one was pretty lacking. The game isn't bad, in and of it's self. It's just very, very, very simple. Basically all you do is walk up, punch, repeat. Boring..

Graphics: 1st generation NES graphics, and it looks it.

Sound: A "Beyooup!" when you knock a guy out.

Gameplay: ZZZZZZzzzzzzz...

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