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Pink Floyd - The Wall



NES Donkey Kong ROM hack

1999 Grimlick


Ahhh... our first foray into the wonderful world of NES game hacks. A dark and seedy world of the strange, bizarre, macabre, and silly. Some of them are truly lame, others are excellent works of art. This one falls definitely towards the latter.

Pink Floyd is a near total conversion hack of Donkey Kong for the NES. All of the graphics have been replaced with various icons from The Wall album and movie. People who aren't into Pink Floyd or have never seen the Wall probably aren't going to get what this hack is all about.

Mario has been replaced with "Pink," who is the main character from the Wall. Pink wears one of the faceless masks from the Another Brick in the Wall pt. II segment of the movie (We all know that one, that's where the school kids are singing "We don't need no education.." )The flaming oil drum on the first level is now the screaming face from the album cover. The bonus items have been replaces with the transforming plants from the What Shall We Do segment, which was the coolest part of the whole movie (although here they are not animated.) The barrels are marching hammers, the fireball is the sadistic teacher, Pauline is Pink's estranged wife, and Donkey Kong himself as been replaced with the evil Judge from the film/album's finale. The only thing I couldn't identify is the character that the barrels on the girders level is supposed to be, I'm guessing it's supposed to be the Mother from The Trial but I can't tell for sure. Also I have no idea what the spring on the elevators level is supposed to be. The rest of the levels remain basically unchanged, just redone to look like a huge wall. There are no changes to level design, the girder, elevator, and rivets levels are pretty much intact.

And in case you're wondering why Pink is risking his life to save his estranged sleeping-around-town-who- abandoned-him-in-his-moment-of-need wife, he's not. He merely wants to tell the bitch off.

Only bad thing about this hack is that the music and sound effects remain unchanged. You would think that whoever it was that made this would have changed the music to Pink Floyd music. The happy DK hero music just doesn't really help Pink defeat his physical manifestations of his deep evil psychological demons.

Overall a very through graphics hack, a job very well done. But the transformation isn't complete without music.

Graphics: All graphics are thoroughly hacked, no tell tale signs of laziness are evident (such as sprites momentarily reverting to their original forms.) The redone graphics are pretty good renditions of their Pink Floyd counterparts.

Sound: All sound is unchanged, which is the one thing that keeps the hack down.

Gameplay: You can't really judge a hack by gameplay as by definition a hack has the exact same gameplay as the original. Thankfully the NES version of Donkey Kong is a pretty good translation in it's own right.

The Rom of this game hack is available on I-Mockery

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