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Ninja Kid





I think this is one of those games that just didn't translate very well over to a western audience. In it you play a ninja that looks suspiciously like a blue marshmellow with little stubby arms and legs and an oversized head. You attack with daggers and throwing stars that travel out in a straight line. You can also jump really high and stuff. You are stuck in some kind of world made up of multilayered platforms, perfect for a marshmellow ninja who's only ninja ability seems to be able to jump really high. Other strange marshmellow things attack you by running into you, but in reality they seem more interested in minding thier own business. At the end of each level you get some kind of scroll and the whole thing happens all over again.

That's pretty much it for the most part. There are some scenes where you fly on kite and stuff and are very shooter like, but you spend the majority of your time knifing innocent little cute things who's only crime is that they're in your way. Not a bad game in it's execution, but the levels are pretty much all the same, the bad guys are all the same, and there's no boss characters to speak of. The whole thing seems kind of pointless. The end.

Graphics: You are a ninja. You have a big head. Your death animation involves you turning upside down and falling off the screen.

Sound: There is a "boing!" sound when you jump and a "FFFT!" sound when you throw stuff.

Gameplay: Kill cute little creatures who are just trying to live out thier lives in peace and harmony.

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