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Konami 1991






The little known cute version of Castlevania stars a young Alucard (from Castlevania III and Playstation SOTN) in a Mega-man like side scroller. As far as I know this game was never released in the United States, but there is an English language rom on the net.

The game plays almost exactly like Megaman, even the bad guys have the Megaman bubbly eyes, except they're all cute versions of normal Castlevania enemies. So there's ghosts, skeletons, zombies, etc. but they're all cute. Levels are also taken from the Castlevainia games but simplified. The entranceway, caverns, clock tower, etc are all there. It's kinda cool to see a company that isn't afraid to take one of it's best selling franchises and parody it.

Drac is pretty easy to control and animates decently. He can shoot fireballs and turn into a bat. That seems to be the extent of his abilites however. The game starts of pretty easy but does manage to get some halfway decent challenge later on, although for the most part it doesn't go too far off it's indented audience's difficulty level. There are some tricky jumps here and there where enemies have a tendency to knock you back to your doom in mid air, but as I remember as even as a kid this type of obstacle wasn't too hard. Still as an adult I had to continue a few times in the later levels.

A pretty good game that doesn't take itself too seriously, that all Castlevania people should enjoy.

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