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Kabuki Quantum Fighter


Hal America 1990




Another wierd little-known game that came out late in the NES' life cycle. The game is about a guy who enters a computer Tron-style to fight a mutating computer virus. But instead of circuts and chips the computer is made up of lava pits, spikes, and strange mushroom things, and instead of Tron you're a Kabuki dancer.

I never knew that firebreathing heads and bomb dropping cockroaches lived inside my comptuer. Oh wait, that's the virus. Now I know why computer viruses are so bad. And who made the decision to teleport a kabuki dancer inside the hard drive to clean it up? I suppose they just didn't have a copy of Norton laying around.

You can punch, kick, and have an assortment of shooting weapons, but your main weapon is hitting the monsters with your hair (?) Problem is that the hair attack (your default weapon) is for the most part more effective than anything else so that's the one you end up using. One rule of side scrolling action games is that there should be situations where you have to utilize all of your abilites to get through the game, you know, spice it up and stuff. This game you can beat the whole thing just by jumping and hairwhipping everything.

Despite making absolutely no sense whatsoever that game is actually pretty good for an NES platformer, with graphics comprable to Batman and gameplay close to Ninja Gaiden (of course this game isn't as good as either of those two though.) Lots of animation although the sprites look a little flat. Level desgin keeps it from getting boring, jump on platforms, climb walls, avoid traps, plus you can hang on the bottom of flying platforms. So it keeps you interested and the difficulty progresses naturally. The enemies are pretty uninspired for the most part (generic sliver robot things or organic blobs that shoot stuff) and the bosses are pretty pathetic. They're not even like, big or anything.

A decent but forgettable game with a strange premise, but lacking any substance or personality. Worth it problably for the name alone.


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