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Castle of Deciet

1990 Bunco Games



I'm a firm believer in the famous adage "You get points for trying." In this case we have a lackluster game, but you can tell that a lot of effort went into it. I still don't like it though.

You are a wizard. You can tell because you wear a pointy wizard hat and carry a wand. For some reason you have to go into a castle and brave ten levels of bullshit to get some kind of mgic stone or rock or whatever to stop some kind of bad guy wizard. I don't know; I really wasn't paying attention.

Game starts with you getting killed by the very first enemy you come across. No seriously, that's what happens. You can shoot out some spinning spark thing from your magic wand. A white floaty thing that looks like a plastic grocery bag with an eyeball on it comes toward you. You try to shoot it, it's always faster than you and instantly dodges your shot. It then snuggles right up next to you and drains all your life meter away as you flail around in a vain attempt to escape. Not a good way to start the game there fellas.

Once you finally manage to kill the grocery bag thing the game does somewhat improve. You travel through various rooms, caverns, across rooftops, etc. in an attempt to usually find keys to open the correct doors to progress to the boss and the next level. Graphics are actually pretty well done (well, the backgrounds are at least.) They have an "uneven" quality, like they tried to not make it look like everything's made out of tiles. The actual characters are cartoonish, like they came out of a children's book.

Overall not an overly crappy game. It's just so.... plain. Walk around. Try to shoot floaty garbage bag thing. Take cheap hit. Repeat. I can't really reccomend this one to anyone who actually likes to have fun and excitement in their games.

Graphics - Good backgrounds that try to not look cookie- cutter. Actual player and enemy spirtes leave a bit to be desired though.

Sound - Boops and bleeps, nothing to write home about.

Gameplay - ZZZZZZzzzzz....

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