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Sunnyvale, C.A. is where Atari Headquarters was located

Our monsters, George, Lizzy, Larry, and Ralph.

Hark! I can no see where I be going!

Atari 1992

Atari Lynx



Rampage, love it or hate it, there still is nothing like taking on the persona of a gigantic monster and crushing puny humans under your feet while causing millions of dollars of property damage. This particular version was probably the best home version of the classic systems as far as graphics and sounds went but it still leaves some things to be desired.

You get to choose between the three classic monsters George the gorilla, Lizzie the Lizard, and Ralph the Wolf man. Also this version is the only one to feature Larry the Lab rat. Each character has a distinct personality, funny facial expressions, etc, although there doesn't seem to be any difference in their abilities. Graphics are very good and avoid being too blocky like other Lynx games.

As per gameplay it's classic rampage, smash buildings, eat people, crush tanks, knock down helicopters, guaranteed to satisfy your giant monster genocidal fantasies. All of the little visual jokes from the arcade made it, eat a soldier with a flamethrower and you'll spit fire, punch a neon sign and you'll get shocked, eat a toilet and you'll gag, etc. There are other things you can do for that aren't detailed in the manual, like pick up a civilian and hold him for bonus points, throw the pack of dynamite at your friend, etc. And as always when your buddy dies you can gobble him up, which like all the other versions of Rampage, is extremely satisfying.

There is some weirdness going on with this cart through. Instead of shrinking down the playing field for the smaller screen they made the levels scroll around which can get a little disorientating. As in when you climb up on a building you can't see the ground, can't see helicopters and soldiers shooting from above and below you, etc. This is not really a problem much though as control and collision is pretty spot on.

The problem with Rampage has always been repetitiveness which this version doesn't do much to alleviate. Yes it is fun to crush, crumble, and chomp, but it does get old after a while. Apparently there is an end to the game with a vague promises of a "cure" to be found, however with 100 plus levels I doubt anyone has ever completed the game. For a quick fix of destructive monster mayhem this version delivers.

Graphics: Cartoonish and detailed, without too much LYnx blockiness going on.

Sound: Good explosions and buildings crumbling sounds. Not much music to speak of.

Gameplay: Super Kaiju destruction sweetness, although it drags on forever. Rampage is a game best taken in small douses.

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