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Kung Food

Lore Games/Atari 1992

Atari Lynx



There are some games that are "quirky," others that are "weird," then there are those that are so bizarre the designers must have been smoking crack on another planet. In this game you are a muscular anatomically incorrect naked green karate-guy who beats up evil vegetable people. Yeah that makes sense.

There isn't much of a plot or story presented, you start out in the freezer and take down ice people and walking carrot men armed with spears. Your character moves very fast and is animated well. You are somewhat limited in your attacks, you have a quick punch combo, a crouching kick, and the usual jump kick. You also pick up various power-ups (health refills, invincibility, and the like.) There is a nice effect of the powerup you just got scaling up in size when you collect it.

Bad guy vegetables usually take little more than a few hits to kill, and for the most part are very stupid. It's so bad that a walking carrot man will not even turn around if you walk behind him. Normally inept A. I. like this would make a game like this utter cake, however the collision detection is so bad that half the time you won't even connect with an enemy before you're nearly standing inside of him. Seems like you have to be lined up within one or two pixels to connect. And since there' no knockback when you hit someone this usually means you miss them and they walk right into you and damage you.

Worse still when you actually manage to hit something there is little indication you've done it, no knockback, loud punching noise, sparks, blood, nothing. Add to this there is also little indication when you get hit as well beyond the sudden drop in your life meter. The developers must have realized this as the health refill powerup seems to be scattered on every other screen. But that's taking the easy way out; You wouldn't need to refill every five steps if they took care of the collision and playability problems in the first place.

Still the game is somewhat playable, the flaws are not too much that you cannot learn to adjust to them and eventually have a good time.

Graphics: Very good animation and large characters. The backgrounds leave a little bit to be desired.

Sound: Crappy music and nearly nonexistent sound effects, except for the "Whoosh!" sound whenever you pick up an item.

Gameplay: Very loose and unpolished - collision detection, cheap hits, and lack of indication of when a character gets nailed makes the game harder then it should be.

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