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Double Dragon

Telegames 1993

Atari Lynx


The O.G. awesome side scrolling fighter gets the crapola treatment on the Lynx, for the most part. For you whippersnappers out there who are too young to remember the 80s it might puzzle you why a game where you fight the same dude with different clothes on over and over again was so popular, to which I can only reply "You will never understand." This game when it came out in the arcades was the bomb, people stood around for hours spending their life's savings on this thing. This particular version however sucks ass.

First off the graphics (while detailed) are too large. Yes, they are pretty much spot on arcade perfect, problem is they're like half the size of the screen, so to compensate they made the screen scroll around. You wouldn't think this is so bad except when it comes to the parts in the later levels where you have to jump over pits and crap and you constantly fall in because you can't see where you're going.

Second the A. I. is ridiculously simple, but in that overly efficient way that only computers can be. It is predictable in that there will always be three enemies on screen, and they will always surround you, two in front and one in back. If you move they shadow you and take their positions when you stop. This is the basic pattern the arcade had, however at least there they would mix it up a bit, use weapons on you, etc. It's the lazy programmers way out and it's obvious.

Third, the game is so chock full of bugs as to be nearly unplayable. Enemies will climb fences and float in the air. You kick a guy and your foot goes right through his head. The A. I. attacks you from off screen. Your controls are so screwy that the minute you connect with a punch 80% of the time your guy will automatically shoulder throw the enemy without you even doing anything. Thing is this is all stuff that three more months of testing could have gotten rid of. Lame.

On the plus side, well... the graphics look good.

Graphics: Look good when they stand still. Animation is choppy but tolerable. Seems like they threw all their resources into making the graphics good at the expense of everything else.

Sound: There seems to be no sound except the music and the groaning effects when someone dies. On the plus side both of these sound good.

Gameplay: Weird control and collision bugs ruin what would normally be an excellent game.

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