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Super Mario Land



1989 Nintendo



First in the series of Mario Games for the old school Game Boy that would eventually turn into the Warioland series. As this is a very early GB title the graphics aren't really up to snuff, it has the same look as the original Super Mario Brothers but everything is way smaller. The levels seem to be a lot simpler as well.

You still get mushrooms to grow but instead of fireballs you throw "superballs," which ricochet all over the place and will pick up coins for you. Since the old Game boy was in black and white a Heart has replaced the green mushroom for a 1-up. Same SMB rules apply, smash bricks from underneath, stomp on mushrooms and turtles and stuff, go down pipes to get coins, etc.

You can tell this game was made by a different team than usual as there are some concepts in some of the levels which I haven't seen in any other Mario game, such as one point where you have to jump on the moving boulders over spikes as well as the two shooter levels (one where you're in a submarine and the other in a small airplane.) Plus the bosses and enemy types seem to be generic, albeit Mario inspired. For instance the turtles explode after you stomp on them for some reason. The last boss is an alien in some kind of space ship.

Similar to the old SMB 1 on the Nes there is a harder second quest after you beat the game. Complete the second quest and you unlock a level select. However since you can't save when you turn off the game you'll have to do it all over again.

Overall a fun little game that most people should be able to complete in one sitting. It doesn't really do much to push the Game Boy but probably wasn't intended to.

Graphics: Simple. Each level has a "theme," like and Egyptian theme, Easter island theme, etc. The are in the style of the old SMB 1.

Sound: The usual Mario game boings and such. The music is very peppy and charming, though the underground music is pretty drab.

Gameplay: Stomp on the turtle. Get the coins. You know how it goes.

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