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Burai Fighter







Pretty interesting side scrolling shooter. The gimmick here is that you can shoot in all eight directions.

Instead of a spaceship you're a guy in an astronaut suit with a rocket pack. Most of the levels take place indoors, in space stations, caves, inside monster guts, etc. The bad guys attack in the usual shump patterns, and you get powerups for killing a whole wave of them, etc. Standard stuff here.

The main problem with this game is the controls get a little getting used to. Your character faces which ever direction you point him in, but while shooting you can move around while facing the same direction. Something tells me they originally wanted to make a Robotron style two joystick shooter and this was the best they could come up with with the GB's two buttons. Your guy moves around quick and is able to out maneuver the enemies for the most part, but more often than not you forget which direction you're facing and eat it unintentionally. I find that it's easier to just keep the fire button held and play in the traditional left to right manner. There are some enemies that are only vulnerable from a certain direction though.

Luckily various powerups shoot in different directions and thus address this problem somewhat. You get missiles, bombs, lasers, and these lethal rings, but they all seem to be designed to further your firing area rather than give you more power. But most enemy types only take one hit to kill anyway so I guess it balances out.

The boss types are designed in such a way that you usually have to fly around and shoot them from other directions too, which adds a bit to the usual left to right shump. The levels scroll and are made up of long chambers and corridors, and if you get stuck behind a wall you die. This can be a little frustrating as there's some areas where you can't see the end of the corridor before flying into it and getting stuck.

Overall it's a pretty solid shump for the GBC, once you get past the funky control system you can actually start to have a good time.


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