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Parker Brothers 1983



Semi-decent top down maze game. The object of the game is to navigate the maze and collect treasures while avoiding monsters. You can shoot left or right but not up and down, also you can do a screen-clearing "smart bomb" attack a limited amount of times. You can also go through Pac-man style warp tunnels. During the course of the level you also have to pick up a key to unlock the gate to the next level.

The monsters are generated from "gates," (think Gauntlet monster generators.) Thing about them is that while they're not very smart they are a little faster than you are, so running away isn't much of an option. The lack of the ability to shoot up and down is really a pain but does add a bit of strategy to the mix as you have to position yourself correctly. The monsters seem to generate just as fast as you kill them however. sometimes they'll be a Monster Gate right in front of a treasure or key and you'll be forced to take a death because they keep coming as fast as you kill them. Actually you'll be fighting the controls more than the monsters. They are a little wacky and take some getting used too. Once you "learn" them though the game is playable.

Graphics: Detailed for the Colecovision. They move pretty smoothly. All animations seem to be of the two or three step type.

Sound: The usual boinks and bongs.

Gameplay: Very simple, the first few levels can be completed while blindfolded, it doesn't start to heat up until level five or so. The different mazes do keep the game fresh, although it would have been cool to see some kind of powerup or new element to the mazes after a few screens.

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