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Omega Race



1981 Bally Midway




I'm of the school of thought that any classic game with graphics as simple of these should be self explanatory. You shouldn't have to think about what to do, you should be able to figure out the point of the game within five seconds. Problem is when collecting old video games for 20+ year old systems is that they often come loose, with no instructions. Sometimes it puts me off when a game appears confusing.

You fire this cart up and are presented with the screen on the right. Then nothing really happens. You fly around the room, bouncing off walls. I figured out you could shoot the little green money symbols. That seemed to be it. After a quick google I found out that was the point of the game. Ahh, so that's the problem, the game's title was misleading. This game is more like Asteroids, there isn't any race going on.

Sadly that's about it. Fly around, shoot the green things, bounce off walls. It's fun for about thirty seconds. Supposedly this game was a big hit back in the day.

Graphics: Simple. Observe the screenshot on the right.

Sound: Beeps and buzzes.

Gameplay: Like Asteroids but you bounce off walls, with no point to it all.

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