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Donkey Kong

Nintendo 1981




For people who don't know Donkey Kong was like the biggest game ever made back in the day. Nintendo owes thier eventual ascention to video game god status to Mario and Donkey Kong. Apparently Coleco paid big bucks to get exclusive rights to make Doneky Kong the pack in game for Colecovisions. Helps that the system could actually do a halfway decent conversion.

The game looks good as far as graphics go. The barrels roll in the usual patterns, the bonus items are there, etc. Some little things are missing, like animated fire in the oil barrel, frames of Mario's running animation, etc, as well as the sound is a little off. But for the most part it's pretty accurate.

The main problem with this game is that the funky Colecovision controller makes Mario move like a sluggish piece of donkey crap. Half the time you totally hit the button right and Mario fails to jump correctly.

Compared to 2600 or Intellivision versions this one is obviously superior. But arcade perfect? No way.

Graphics: Very close, almost arcade perfect.

Sound: A notch below the arcade, but acceptable.

Gamplay: Blaaagh.

Accuracy: Close, but the Atari XE version is better.


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