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Back in the day when "multimedia" was like the big thing, there was this big push towards making games with FMV, like the CD rom was invented by God himself or something. So we got tons and tons and tons of FMV games forced upon us, some of them semi-good, some of them not so semi-good. I say that because none of them were in fact anything close to something resembling a "good" game. Not the ones for the CDI at least.

This one falls in the semi-good category. It's an adult themed murder mystery in the same style as Night Trap for the Sega CD. The game consists of you as some kind of private investigator that uses a video camera and high powered microphone to spy on this corrupt politician (who is played by Robert Culp, the guy who was that senator who turned into liquid in the X-Men movie) as he does all kinds of dirty underhanded stuff and also kills a family member. You do this by spying on each room in turn, the eventual goal being to get evidence and put his ass away.

The game is played by you highlighting various houses in the mansion then when something interesting happens different icons appear indicating that you can do various things like watch a video or listen in on a phone call. You can also enter each room and browse around different objects, looking at notepads, listening to answering machine messages, etc. As you can see there really isn't much going on as far as reflexes go. Gather enough evidence and the bad guy goes to jail. Screw up and his mistress shows up at your doorstep and blows you away.

The acting is somewhat decent for an early 90s FMV game, most of it is of at least of daytime soap opera quality. Besides Robert Culp the only other actor of note is the woman who played Queen Sindel in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. They seem to do the best job. The video sequences are of an "adult" nature, although theres really nothing going on here you wouldn't see during prime time. Lots of scenes of chicks walking around in different states of undress and one scene where people get it on (but all we see is a pair of shadowy buttcheeks.) No real nudity to speak of. The videos are of digitized people walking around computer generated backgrounds and while the people look good (non pixelated) at times the blue screen effect is very apparent. At least the chicks are hot for the most part.

Supposedly there's 20 different endings to the game depending on how much evidence you gather before you go to the police. Sadly most people probably won't bother trying to find them all. The game just moves too slowly to hold your interest for repeated playthroughs. You really just don't care too much about the people to want to save them.

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