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Arcadia 2001

Bandai 1982



 I used to totally dig Robotech when I was a kid. If I could have one wish it would be to have my own flying giant robot, so I could blow shit up. That would be the bomb.

Macross on the Arcadia 2001 is a different story however.  As far as I can tell the game consists of one screen (the one on the right.) At the title screen we are treated to a nicely animated scene of a veritech fighter transforming into asskicking robot form as it lands. It looks really nice despite being all in one color. The game however seems to consist of just that single screen of you in jet form blowing up wave after wave of Zentradi battle pods. You can fly anywhere you want on the screen and shoot. Four pods emerge and more spew forth from the mothership as you destroy them. The pods have zero A.I. and don't even try to get you. They also seem to be able to only shoot at the sides, so you can fly right up to them from underneath and take them out as fast as the mothership can disgorge them. Shooting the mothership produces no effect.

The game looks unfinished. As this game was on a Japanese version of a no-name system back in 1982 I can see how there might not be the most deepest of gameplay available. But this wasn't even a game, it was an exercise. Maybe there's more to it that I'm too lazy to find out about.

My memories of Robotech are tarnished now. Thanks alot Arcadia 2001, why don't you chop my nuts off while you're at it.

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