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Arcadia 2001

1982 Bandai




Okay, I cheated with this game. I've only played it through an emulator. There seems to be no information out there about it (beyond the extensive research I've done, which consists of five minutes of Googling. ) So I don't know if this was an unreleased game or what. All I know is that it's confusing and in fact, sucks.

I'm not sure exactly what the story is with Doraemon, he seems to be some kind of Japanese Garfield type character but with a lot more personality. In the Arcadia 2001 game he's a little blue eskimo lookin' person that runs around a maze collecting things that vaugely look like either items of food or household appliances. This screen is rather easy, aovid the slow moving mice, get the stuff, then leave the room. Doraemon has this weird bo-legged walk, like he just got kicked in the nuts or something. The mice are not animated. Then the game switches to the bottom screen there where you have to make it into another room and do the same. On this screen for some reason Doraemon transforms into a small blue dot (the blue pixel to the left there) while the mice remain the same size. They also increase thier speed by a factor of ten while you remain the same speed, thus they catch your ass within five seconds. Couple this with the fact that the "doors" to the other room are exactly the same size as your dot, as in if  you're not lined up with it perfectly then you just end up pushing against the wall and don't get in. You lose. Why exactly a cat is afraid of mice like this is never explained.

The game feels unfinished, there's very little animation, no way to attack the bad guys, the mice are not animated, there seems to be only one sound effect (the "Bizzonk!" that the Arcadia can produce so well.) I'm sure more baloney happens once you get all the items and "beat" the game, but it's too much of a pain in the ass to find out. I guess the lesson here is just becasue a game is obscure and probably worth something doesn't make it good.


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