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Blatant Pac-Man rip off with cats and dogs, although this is probably one of the best games on the Arcadia 2001 (which really isn't saying much.)

You (as the cat, duh) have to run around the house eating all the catnip while the dogs chase you. When you eat the power pellet you turn into a dog catcher and send the dogs back to the dog house. For some reason the bonus item that appears is fruit, which is strange becasue I've never seen a cat eat fruit before. You'd think they'd put a mouse or a piece of chicken or something.

In fact the reason the bonus item is fruit is becasue this was supposed to be a direct rip off of Pac-Man, but the character graphics were changed once Atari started suing everybody. Apparently the story is Emerson intended to sell it's own versions of popular arcade games and had thousands of carts ready to go but had to change all the graphics around at the last minute. As it is it's somewhat fun (if slow and derivative.) The "original" version (called Gobbler) was released overseas. There is also another version of Gobbler with the ghosts changed into different sprites, however it remains essentially the same in terms of gameplay.

Graphics: Nothing to write home about, but they are solid and don't flicker or anything.

Sound: The "Bzzonnk!" the Arcadia seems to make so well. There are little "squuakks!" and a very half-heaterd attempt at a "Meow."

Gameplay: Like Pac-man, but three times slower and with more retarded ghosts,er, dogs.

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