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Intelligent Cube

SCE 1997

Sony Playstation


Bizarre and rare puzzle game, kind of like a 3D version of Klax. The idea here is that you control a little man running around on a large stone block. Other stone blocks fall towards you and you have to eliminate them by marking a square on the stage, then pressing another button to capture them. Certain blocks (called "Advantage Cubes") will allow you to capture all of the other cubes around them. There are also black "Forbidden cubes" that make a row of the stage fall off if you capture them by mistake. Screw up and the stage continuously gets smaller. You can also fall off the stage and get crushed by the advancing blocks (in which case you incur any penalties for any remaining blocks on the stage.)

This game is pretty rare and consistently fetches a price between $50 -$70 dollars depending on condition. Well is it worth it? Yes and no. Graphics are good enough but not really much to write home about. There is some nice reflection going on with the stage. The announcer sounds like the evil announcer from Mortal Kombat for some reason. This is the kind of game that doesn't rely on flashiness.

Game play can be addicting as it's maddingly pull-your-hair-out difficult to obtain a perfect score as you are timed by how much the blocks advanced before you took them out. So even if you do manage to pass a stage without dying you can still get a crappy score.

The game gives you an IQ at the end of each level. How it knows how smart you are by how well you play a 3D version of Klax is beyond me. Although there doesn't seem to be much on the surface this game is extremely deep, and real skill must be developed in order to score highly on the later stages.

Graphics: Get the job done, good enough to keep you interested until you get used to the game.

Sound: Evil announcer person makes you feel like you should be ripping someone's heart out. They should   have gone with a authoratative female voice, like the Enterprise computer or something.

Gameplay: Highly addictive, like the first time you played Tetris.


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